>Day 2: Freed


A chalicer is the freed of Christ (Gal. 5). This requires constant vigilant discernment (1 Peter 5) to spot all sin and evil as they sprout and uproot it (1 Thess. 5). The main point here is simply to be whomever God sees you as, be the one whom God created, as if you could be anything else. Stop fighting uselessly (1 Cor. 9). Tackle some real angels for once.

What are you waiting for?

The work is simple: do first things first, and know when is the time for first things. But so much is packed into this little formula. To begin then I must spend time dropping my rattling bag, and take out all its contents, its souvenirs, its songs, its crumpled grocery lists, its lucky rocks and lucky sticks. Take it all out and inventory. What do I have? After taking a careful inventory, I can then proceed to remove from my stash all that will not be useful in what I am about to do. A compass and a knife are useful, a lucky stick probably not so much. A song is best memorized and then thrown away. Souvenirs hardly ever sever any purpose.

Look over and over, sift through all I have. Inventory it. The first part is important to be done with a spirit of gratefulness. Look at all I’ve got! This part of the work must be approached as a child after a hard night of Trick-or-Treating when they turn over their sacks on the floor and shriek in glee “Look at all that candy!”

Once the inventory is done, and this will take a while if done carefully, then the work begins of deciding what stays and what goes. Not all things are of equal value to the one who is strategic. In themselves all things are just that, things. None are better than another. Life and death are the same in themselves; they are just states of being. All is energy in Creation, all is vibration. All is always. No vibration is more vibrant than another. What differentiates things then? The strategy. The same thing might be critical for one strategy and rubbish for another.

Before the triage begins we must be clear on the strategy. What is it that I am waiting for? If I am waiting for the pain to end and sweet sweet death, then hard drugs and alcohol will be very important in my strategy. If I am waiting to live as long as possible and beyond, then hard drugs and alcohol is rubbish, instead diet and exercise are critical. What am I waiting for?

As I stand here, waiting, if you come to me and ask “What is coming?” Do I know? Do I know what is coming? If you ask “When is it coming?” I will answer “It will get here when it gets here. I am waiting.”

So I must be very clear on my strategy. What is it? What are you waiting for? Ask and listen. Listen for the answer. Then do it.


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