>1 Cor 13

>Life will deny me, frustrate me

But love is patient

Life will be unkind and brutal

But love is kind

Life will show me how little I have, will compare me to others

But love does not envy

Life will applaud my success and give me medals

But love does not boast

Life will ensure me I am entitled to joy

But love is not proud

Life will trample me and spit upon me

But love does not dishonor

Life will bolster my ego

But love is not self-seeking

Life will infuriate me

But love is not easily angered

Life will demand accounts, wants to be a zero-sum game

But love keeps no record of wrongs

Life delights in the victories of the strong

But love doesn’t delight in evil

Life celebrates lies

But love rejoices in truth

Life leaves the weak helpless

But love always protects

Life is a series of betrayals

But love always trusts

Life is full of despair, misery

But love always hopes

Life quits, ends

But love always perseveres

Life is finally vanquished

Love never fails

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