>Pro privilegio amoris

>From “The Privilege of Love”:

1) “Using Romuald as his vehicle, which does not mean that Romuald would not have agreed with him, Peter Damian shows how true eremitism is a combination of St. Benedict of Nursia and St. Anthony of the Desert, that is, the hermit is not selfish but truly lives a love of neighbor and is able to live to the fullest a monastic ascesis as well as a personal relationship with Christ within the hermitage cell. True eremitism is the group dynamic hermitage: hermits living together.”

2) “Before the solemn decorum of Cluniac monks praying long hours in choir united to realize the idea of perfect community, stands the heightened voluntary penance and secret prayer of Romuald and his hermits, the restlessness to travel from one solitude to another, the conversation between souls with an exceptional ability to love and an unquenchable thirst for tears.”

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