>Love is not loved

>Love is not loved

I am barely opening Francis’ nugget
So simple really. And further: everything loves. Everything.
Sure sometimes we misplace it, like a sock in the wrong drawer;
At times we lose sight of it, like a locket that falls behind
A heavy dresser; and at times we throw it away thinking it trash,
Like that important phone number crumpled

How long ago when I saw, felt, knew that the whole of every thing
every little thing
Was a cooperative. The universe cooperates.
Not just operates, like a machine, but instead is aware and
Helps each other out to the best of its ability

As last night the moon helped me in my sleeplessness
And this afternoon the wind kept our lips cool and moist
The car filled with desire and soft afternoon breeze

And love – a word I tread through carefully, a minefield, a bog
But Love, that is the rule and warrant of all cooperation
It is a voluntary reaching out

Everything loves, and cooperates
And lovers we all are, united, saint and sinner, lost and found
Into God’s Heart


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