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A good blog (if you don’t read it). Today’s post is especially good: http://experimentaltheology.blogspot.com/2010/09/nfl-players-porn-stars-and-body-of.html

But we don’t even need to go as far as these extremes. Last night I was talking with a friend about the mistrust/fear/paranoia involved in sex. I went off in my usual attack on Americans and their very unhealthy relationship to their own sexuality, implying all along (of course) that the Brazilian approach is healthier and better.

But today’s post brings “body” to a higher level. How about sports? How about fashion? How about diet? How about medicine? All things that directly affect (or use) a body will both influence and be influenced by it. A large person may wish to be thin but it may be simply genetically impossible. A highly strung person may wish to be calm, but their body fidgets. And so on.

We have a certain amount of plasticity in our bodies. There is much we can add or remove from it without necessarily destroying its basic functions. In fact we can destroy many of its basic functions without dying. With advancements in technology we can change size, shape and gender. It is not unfeasible to think that we will be soon enough able to modify ourselves down to the genetic level.

With all this freedom to manipulate our own bodies the question posed in the article are very pertinent: “Aren’t the bodies of porn stars similar to the bodies of NFL players, and even the bodies of high school football players? That might sound extreme, but I’m throwing it out there for reflection. How are bodies sacrificed for our entertainment? And do we even care as long as we get our orgasm or that state championship? Two thousand years ago humans brutalized the body of God. And one wonders, has anything changed?”

The answer is that nothing has changed because we are still the same race. Perhaps in the future we will become more hospitable to bodies, our own and others, and also more generous and charitable.

For now I would be ecstatic to meet someone who could simply stand and be right there where they are standing.




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