>Gozer the Gozerian


Oh this is very good. Both a good summary and a great study. Between studying Gozer and the Flying Spaghetti Monster we should, if we are able to be charitable enough, be able to identify common traits of religions which are anchored on rock versus ones which are houses built on sand…seriously! What is the loss if we find that all religions share three common concepts:
(1) religion as embedded into the social and cultural life of a society
(2) mythmaking, creative myth-ing(?!) as religion's primary "product"
(3) religion as the litmus test for insider versus outsider
QUOTE: In other words, people’s ideas about the divine powers of the universe began to reflect the new configuration of human political powers in society. It is no surprise, therefore, to learn that about the time the human institution of kingship was created so too was the notion of the kingship of the gods.

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