>Experimental Theology: "Jesus Stopped": On Interruptibility

>Experimental Theology: "Jesus Stopped": On Interruptibility

Interruptibility, the idea that you are more important than me, is a critical component of Desert Father wisdom. Over and over again they practice hospitality. It is also, of course, a cardinal virtue for Benedictine spirituality.

Of the many many stories of hospitality in the desert tradition there is this one, which I strive to make my own: “A Brother came to a hermit. As he was taking his leave he said, ‘Forgive me, abba, for preventing you from keeping your rule.’ The hermit answered, ‘My rule is to welcome you with hospitality, and to send you on your way in peace.'” (in “Desert Fathers” by Benedicta Ward)

In doing that you fulfill all the law and the prophets, as it were.


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