Reading the Jerusalem Community Rule of Life

What an amazing document! I am reading it slowly and prayerfully with much enjoyment. Today I worked through the chapter on Prayer: 2:20-21. Their Rule establishes 3 communal Offices: morning, noon and evening. It does not mention Compline, which is interesting. The 3 Offices are based on what Daniel prayed (3 times a day).

The Rule does require that a monk get up in the middle of the night on Thursdays to say what I am calling a Gethsemani Office – when Jesus asked the disciples to pray, but they could not stay awake. I am going to try to incorporate this into my pattern.

Lectio is to be done in the afternoons every day.

Finally, some words on prayer. Pray:

  • like a poor man
  • like a child
  • in the Name of Jesus
  • in the Holy Spirit
  • trustfully
  • steadfastly
  • bravely
  • temperately and simply
  • in secret
  • with your community
  • continually and tirelessly

I very much resonate with the ideas of praying like a poor man and a child. That sums it up for me!


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  1. spaceloom says:

    I thought the same thing…but still, the Rule is outstanding!

  2. Beautiful! I will read it as well. Funny about Compline; as that is by far my favorite Office.

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