Meditation on the brain

QUOTE: A new study from Yale University suggests that the brains of experienced meditators like Salzberg may actually work differently than brains of those who don’t meditate. The study gives scientists a window into the meditating mind, providing evidence that the practice appears to change the way the brain works and could give meditators a leg up when it comes to dealing with mental disorders.

Nothing new here, but the video, and the accompanying videos are rather nice.

And here is a more studious version:


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  1. yossi says:

    Absolutely! I also suggest the work of Dr Michael J. Siegel, MD, whose work in mindfulness is amazing. He wrote the books Mindsight and The Mindful Brain.

    The work of Dr Andrew Newberg is worth reading as well: How God Changes Your Brain; Priniciples of Neurotheology to name but two.


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