To Know, but Not Understand: David Weinberger on Science and Big Data – The Atlantic

Great article, and the book seems worth reading.

Big Data, with capital B & D is a Big Deal…or as the author puts it " too many brickfacts and not enough edifice-theories." I love that phrase.

But most of our senses are designed to filter out data. To reduce the amount of data which is available to our brains to turn into information. We have filters and blinders and genetic prejudices to ensure we see what we are supposed to see.

this is not, of course, always a good thing. But I wonder if anyone out there is working on some sort of anti-Google machine, one that reduces the amount of "databricks"?

At first blush, the mere thought of it makes me think of Big Brother. The whole outcry over SOPA ( makes it obvious that I am not alone when I think of "filtering" as a tool of repression of free-thought and speech.

But what if it was voluntary? What if it was not only voluntary (i.e. I installed the filtering service, and could easily uninstall it) but it also was smart enough to know when to give me more and when to give me less data?

Something to think about.


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