Micro story 1: Run

Run (by Leo Campos, 2012)

She turned on her running suit, adjusted her her shoes, made sure the settings were right and went off on her run.

Try as she might the words kept running through her mind "Who are you creating yourself to be?" She sped up, as if going faster could help her outdistance her own mind. Intellectually she knew that life wasn’t about finding herself. That was the same kind of lie that people who said they "fell" in love believed. No, life, like love (weren’t they the same thing?) was about creativity. It was about bringing something unique and personal into existence, and sustaining it. She knew all this, but after last night it was the unavoidable question.

She suddenly realized her suit had been beeping to warn her she had gone over her training pace and she slowed down. it was pointless anyway, to run away from the obvious questions. but hadn’t she done that all her life? After high school? After college? After her first husband.

And now…what kind of life was she creating? Paradoxically, running was the only thing that brought her back. "Kicking and screaming," she said out loud. Her music player interrupted: "Command not recognized. Please repeat."

She shook her head, "This will be a long run."

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