Getting lost…

So yesterday I did this:

As I am training for my first marathon in November, I have been going out for runs at lunchtime. We have showers here at work, so it makes it all very convenient. Since a marathon is not something you can just show up for, I have a training plan, which I follow with monastic rigor. Tues – 3 miles fast. Weds – 6 miles at race pace. Thurs – 3 miles slow. Saturday 12 miles slow.

And so on. These distances will change as I get deeper into the training.

Well on Tuesday I missed my three-miler due to our washer incident (water water everywhere!). Had to stay at home and wait for the LG guy to show up. So on Weds I went for a six-miler and yesterday I was going to do another 6 miler to make sure my total weekly miles stayed on target.

Well, it was supposed to be at a maximum a 6-mile run. But as you know I have a knack for taking wrong turns! In this particular case I did learn an important lesson: if you see a footpath in the woods, one which you have not gone down before, do NOT believe the poet and think it is a good thing to go down the road less traveled. It is NOT true! 🙂

I thought it would be the roughly the same distance as staying in my usual route. Sometime after miles of twists and turns down by the James, overcoming fallen trees and difficult terrain, plus mud everywhere from the torrential downpour the night before, plus these very irritating inchworms which dangle from the trees on the path hoping to hitch a ride and get stuck in your shirt and hair and everything else…after all of these "clues" it dawned on me that I might just be getting close to W. Virginia – perhaps it was the banjo music in the air? Not sure.

I kept looking for a way of getting out of the path, but alas there was none. There was no way I was going to simply turn around, as that would require admitting defeat, plus it would require humility to admit I made a mistake so many miles back. So on and on I plodded…I did think of my ancestors in this boneheaded faith: Moses and the Hebrews, Lewis and Clark…all great boneheaded men who would not simply just turn around! I was in good company.

All in all this could have been an enjoyable run, and it would have been if it had been planned! Instead, I was all stressed about trying to get back to work, ended up missing a meeting, and overall felt very silly. Plus very very tired.

Adventure is not all it’s cracked up to be!


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