What is money?


What is it? Everyone seems to be after it, after all. Plus there are countless studies (all of which cost money) to figure out just how much is needed, whether or not it makes you happy or whether the love of it truly is the root of all evil. We rank people and nations by it. We kill and are killed over it. Probably next to sex it is the driving force of most of all efforts…and when combined you get some very interesting historical results.

Anyway, turns out that "money" whatever it may have been (back when we bartered) is now no more than some sort of socially acceptable hallucination…

This reminds me of an insight (I guess I would call it) I had a long long time ago (early teens). I was reading a description of the French revolution, and all the energy that it involved – the murders, the killing, the atrocities, the powers and the power-changes. All of it suddenly became really clear to me as a one huge, big (the biggest) illusion we all live in. The idea that a President has "power", or that anyone has any power was to me ludicrous.

Money is the the same thing. A preposterous invention without which we could not live together in the sizes we do.

It is an excellent program(me) – worth listening.

Now I need to go and hallucinate me some more of it.


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2 Responses to What is money?

  1. Aicha Goins says:

    Money is an illusion.
    The love of money is an “evil”.
    The concept of money is a mainstay.

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