Eye contact with my lover
Held long unblinking
My breath is breathed in
I am my lovers no other will suffice

I do not blink and hardly breathe
I utter not a word
Just my lover fills me
There is no other, no other

I hold still though heart is trembling
My lips are dry, my palms are clammy
My stomach in knots
I am happy, there is no other

My lover’s arms hold me
My lover’s strength holds me
I tremble like a new-born kitten
I cry – there is no other

My lover upon me loving
I can hold nothing back
There is no though or prayer
Only love upon love

Love over love, no other
Over each other lost in love
No other between
My lover’s lips, my heart on fire


About spaceloom

An urban monk, and an experienced spiritual director with a Masters in Psychology. Married with two children. Want to know me better? Read my thoughts.
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