I have been doing some paper-and-pen writing lately, this is why blog posts have dwindled to nothing. There is something about scratching marks on wood bark that is meditative in itself.

I just finished listening to Sounds True interview with Ken Wilber – all 12+ hours of it ( Very good. I read Wilber back in the late 80s, and frankly had forgotten most everything about his system.There is a, well, cosmic (or kosmic) feel to it that is quite amazing.

One thing struck me though – never in that whole conversation was the topic of grace raised up. The interviewer did ask Wilber about “love” or lack thereof in his system. frankly I felt he skirted the issue. No place for love in the system. Not in a satisfactory way. Also no concept of grace – it is all levels and waves and quadrants.

We can, and we should, spend time consolidating and unifying whatever level we are at. This is the call to wellness in its broadest sense. It is not only about reaching level 5 or level 6 or level 4 for that matter. It is also about being a better level (4-5-6) you are at. This is work we can and should do. It requires, as Wilber suggests/recommends both spiritual practice and therapy. I am 100% on board with that. Get well. Do that work. That is your work – and it is holy work.

But changing levels – that is Holy Spirit work. That is grace. You cannot lift yourself up by your bootstraps. You are lifted up. Then you got to do more work to integrate the new level into all parts of your life and world. And the more integrated you are at your level, the greater the chances you will be raised.

But – and this is clear to me – you will be raised, you will not raise yourself.

So, for now, I am working on consolidating insights – and I find that writing on paper, with my horrible handwriting and my crazy doodles and diagrams, is much better for that kind of work. It is slower, and of course more embodied. So it becomes therapeutic.


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